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Empathy Sauce SOULSMITH

Empathy Sauce has a mission to promote the significance of empathy in Thai urban society. We strongly believe that empathy can be beneficial for everyone in the society. With the hope to see a society where people treat each other respectfully and compassionately, we are ready to provide services and knowledge about empathy to those who may need it, from individual level to organisational level.

Empathy Sauce is established in 2020, by a group of specialists in Empathetic Communication, Mental Health, and Theatre and Performance Arts. We use all of our specialised knowledge to create our services and products.

Academy (Group)

Focusing on spreading empathy into business organisations. With the experience of being a professional Theatre director, we designed our unique Experiential Learning methods and Simulated Situations to make sure you would get the most from our courses.

Workshop by The Workshoppers (One-on-One / Group)

Focusing on Personal Developing and Mental health. We use our skills and knowledge as a professional Dance and Movement Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor to lead the participant(s) to the journey in their own thought. With Empathetic Communicaiton, Mind Exploring, and Arts Activities, we believe it would help the participant(s) to go on with life with stronger mind.

Mental Toolkit

A product that is designed to be a first-aid kit for a person who has to face some negative states of mind. It is a self-exploring toolkit that will guide you through your ‘Self-Empathy’ mode by the voice of Dujdao, our psychotherapist.


Company Founder

ดุจดาว วัฒนปกรณ์

    • 7 Years experience as Assistant to Senior Director of Communication
    • Empathy Implementation
    • Empathic Communication Curriculum for Physicians/ Nurses/ Healthcare Providers/ Executives/ Managers
    • Healthcare Service Analysis/ Improvement
    • Empathy/ Empathetic Communication
    • Human Mind
    • R U OK Podcast host
    • TEDx speaker
    • Theatre Approach
    • Body Movement
    • Directing
    • Workshop Design
    • Creative Process