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Empathy Sauce SOULSMITH

Empathy Sauce

Empathy Sauce has a passion to embed empathy into the urban society. We see that business field can hugely affect the society. That is why we have ‘Empathy Sauce Academy’ to focus on spreading empathy into business organisations.

Empathy Sauce Academy has a mission to add empathy to organisations because we believe that empathy is an important key element that leads organisations to success. It can increase sales and loyalty, accelerate productivity, and strengthen engagement.

When empathy is welcomed in business, it would also be welcomed in the society.

Why Empathy Sauce Academy?

Empathy Sauce Academy (ESA) offers you the essential knowledge about Empathy that can benefit you both at work and in personal life.

ESA believes that learning through experience is an effective way of learning. That is why we offer you our unique Experiential Learning that we crafted from our years of experience of working with large organisations.

Experience in theoretical learning in class might be different from when you confront real situations. We would like to make you feel confident as much as possible. In the end of the course, you will have a chance to practice in a simulated situation from our well-trained specialists.

ESA’s percentage of learning format

  • Lecture - 40%
  • Experiental Learning - 40%
  • Practice - 20%