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Empathy Sauce Academy Courses

Operational Level

Sometimes, person-to-person communication goes wrong because we say or do something that makes the other misunderstanding, or feel angry.

This course will guide you how to build interpersonal connections and see the world through their perspectives. Your performance can be significantly increased by putting an empathy into your communication.

Suitable for : Salespersons, HR, Customer Service, Doctors, Nurses, Personal relationships, etc.

Management Level

It is not easy to effectively manage a team and being in the middle between employees and executives. This course can help you win your subordinates’ hearts by being their empathetic leader and efficiently communicate their
needs to your high-ups and impress your boss by increasing overall productivity of your team.

Suitable for : Managers, Head of Department, Supervisors, etc.

Executive Level

Exclusively designed for executives and leaders of the organisations. This course is aiming for creating empathetic leaders who would be able to use empathetic skills to enhance the organisation’s productivities, improve employees engagement, and strengthen customers loyalties.

Suitable for : Executives, Directors, Chairpersons, Business Owners.

APPLYING FOR AN ESA COURSE — ขั้นตอนการสมัคร

  1. Choose Your Level
    Which level match you the most?
    Operational Level, Management Level, or Executive Level.
  2. Choose your Optional Course
    All courses come with one Optional Course. You can choose one from our lists, or you can notify us your situation and we will design a course for you.
  3. Schedule Your Class
    Choose your class schedule form our available time slots. Please kindly note that our courses are 2-day courses, with one-week intermission.*
  4. Contact ESA for Confirmation and pay the course fee
    Contact our staff for more information and booking the available time slot. Send us the payment slip for final confirmation.
  5. Attend the Class
    “80% of Success is Showing Up.”
    – Woody Allen –
    We have prepared all the materials you need for you.

*Ex. If your course starts on Saturday 16th, the second day of your course is Saturday 23rd.