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The Workshoppers


The Workshopppers is a workshop provider. Our workshops focus on self-development and self-discovery.

All of the workshops and processes are designed by a professional psychotherapist who specialised in ‘Self-Development from the Inside’. With the use of delicate yet powerful arts, the participant would be aware of self-respect and respecting others. We also underline the understanding of individual emotions and thoughts in order to unlock the new patterns of living, discover new choices, and develop necessary skills for being able to live a more balanced and effective life.

It is not a ‘healing’. It is a ‘Mind Exercising’ which aims to sharpen the skills of those who need to achieve a life with stronger mental health.

Talk & Lecture for Organization (Group)

Stress Management Programme (Group)

Empathetic Listening and Mindfulness Exercise for Stress Release (One-On-One)


Online Personal Workshop One-on-One Support


Personal Workshop One-On-One Support